How ‘Death & Taxes’ Introduction Courses from Gill Steel at LawSkills helped one legal practitioner secure a new role in Private Client practice…

Hayley Lowis

Hayley Lowis, a legal practitioner specialising in criminal and matrimonial law was looking to return to a career in law after a 14 year break.

Why choose Private Client work?

Turning to Private Client work as opposed to other legal disciplines was an easy choice Hayley says: “It is an expanding area of law with exciting employment opportunities.  It also offers the opportunity to develop longer term relationships with clients, getting to know them, what they want to achieve and to offer support and reassurance.”

LawSkills offers a series of Introduction to Private Client courses covering the five primary areas of practice – Wills, Probate, Elderly & Vulnerable Client, Trusts and Taxation of Trusts.

These courses are aimed at people new to Private Client practice, who are considering changing legal discipline, as well as those who would welcome a basic refresher, perhaps if they have not been in practice for some years.

Each course looks at good practice and procedure as well as incorporating relevant issues of law and tax. There is also the opportunity for practical application of the skills learnt.

Why choose Introduction courses from Gill Steel at LawSkills?

When it came to selecting the most appropriate courses for her chosen discipline, Hayley says that Gill Steel’s Introduction courses were the natural choice for a number of reasons: “Your courses were designed for those returning to law or changing from other areas of law – a complete package.”

“The ability to undertake three days at once suited my family life and kick start my understanding.  It offered an opportunity to ask questions having had the chance to mull over what had been learned the day before.  Three days followed by two days a couple of months later was an ideal sequence – five days in one go may have been too much to undertake in one go!

The timing of your course enabled me to seize the moment without waiting. There really wasn’t much out there that was comparable or offering what I required. Plus Gill and the course came highly recommended from a former employer, who had also had the benefit of attending her lectures.”

How do Gill Steel’s courses rate?

And post course, here’s why Hayley rated the course leader as “excellent” and what she believes were the benefits of small classes. “Gill’s enthusiasm for her area of expertise is inspiring and her expansive experience enabled her to explain the theory in the context of real life situations.  She was extremely generous in her desire to share her knowledge and to assist with contacts and encouragement to help me find a post.”

“In such a small class it was easier to feel comfortable asking questions and to join in with discussions.  Questions and answers could be heard clearly.  It was also encouraging and reassuring to be able to speak to other delegates about their experiences and the informal setting encouraged us to speak up, share experiences and to ask questions.”

How useful are the course materials provided?

Hayley confirms the provision of course materials to be invaluable: “I use Gill’s notes regularly, particularly my probate and will drafting notes.  They are comprehensive and are a great resource.”

What was the outcome from the Introduction courses?

Going on to recommend the Introduction courses to other practitioners, Hayley explains why she felt they were such good value for money: “Although the cost was significant at a time when I was out of work, I feel it was value for money.  It was instrumental in my obtaining work placements, being of use in my placements and helping to make the most of them, and ultimately crucial in my securing employment.”

“Gill has been available to me on a number of occasions since my courses to discuss matters.  I felt able to contact her because of the informal way in which the courses were delivered, her warm and friendly nature and her desire to help.”

Hayley is absolutely convinced that attending the Introduction courses have helped her to find her new job with Vincents Solicitors Limited in Preston, Lancashire, saying: “Attending the courses showed I was prepared to invest in my future career and has helped in so many ways.“

Some months later, her feelings about LawSkills remain positive.

“Gill and Sue dealt with any queries I had efficiently, and in a warm and friendly manner.  The whole experience has been instrumental in achieving a long held personal goal in returning to a career in law.”

2018 Introductory Course dates

  • Introduction to Wills
  • Introduction to Probate
  • Introduction to working with Elderly & Vulnerable clients
  • Introduction to Trusts
  • Taxation of Trusts
  • 6 March 2018
  • 7 March 2018
  • 8 March 2018
  • 10 July 2018
  • 11 July 2018

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