If your team needs to understand the basic principles, build upon skills they already have or receive practical and incisive updates we can offer the right type of training for you and your firm.  

Choose from a comprehensive list of Wills, Probate, Elderly Client, Trusts and Tax courses which can be presented at your office, conference or event.

How we can help

The following videos give you an insight into how LawSkills can help you achieve personal and team competence in this changing face of continuing professional development.

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Who books our Training?

Whether you are a group of  recently qualified lawyers and paralegals or experienced practitioners, we can tailor a course to meet your needs. You will gain a clear and thorough understanding of the topic and be fired up ready to apply a wealth of highly relevant and practical material to your day to day practise.

Our Services

Training Courses

We offer a comprehensive range of training courses and modules that can be used for your in-house training programme or seminar.

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One To One Coaching

If you would prefer a more individual approach to consultancy then you can engage Gill for one-to-one coaching.

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With an MBA in Legal Practice Management, Gill can help you with challenges across the full spectrum of practice management.

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Gill is well known on the circuit as a knowledgeable and inspirational speaker and has spoken at over 800 events throughout the country.

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Course Design

To save you time and to draw on our specialist expertise, let us design a course for you, your law firm or your organisation.

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CPD for Lawyers

When it comes to CPD, LawSkills’ courses are designed to help you perform the roles and tasks required in Private Client practice.

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