We strive to ensure our service offering is content-rich, informative and memorable, and we work incredibly diligently on our content, structure and delivery. Here are a few bits of feedback we’ve had over the years.

  • I find your updates most useful, with some of the best training available. Thank you.

    Ian Beavon Chartered Legal Executive
  • Thank you for this – I think that is the best hour’s training I’ve ever had. It is great to be able to just double-check those little niggly nagging questions you get in the back of your head and have that one to one. (Following one-to-one coaching/training with Gill Steel)

    Mandy Weston MIPW FCILEX Westons Wills and Probate
  • As always, it was a super seminar. You won’t remember, but about 17/18 years ago, I went on your three weekends away in Winchester course to retrain. I needed to go back to work for various reasons and I have never looked back. You enabled me to rescue the family finances!

  • I really look forward to receiving the Monthly Digest, it is invaluable.

    Carolyn O'Sullivan Consultant, BDB Pitmans LLP
  • Gill’s bespoke training was excellent in every way. The content and presentation was flexible and inspiring; every attendee was impressed with the information provided and the clearest of delivery.  It was extremely helpful to everyone (from trainee to partner) to be able to go off topic in discussions while still receiving the content requested.

    Jane Hinds Emery Johnson Astills
  • Gill manages to impart the vast knowledge she has of her subject areas in a way that is accessible and useful to the practitioner. Gill never fails to relate the law to practice. The practical tips and tricks Gill has taught me through her talks and writing have been incredibly helpful in my career to date.

    Jenny Pierce Solicitors for the Elderly - Bristol branch
  • We really do find the Monthly Digest very useful.

    Sian Foster Head of Wills & Probate, Ware & Kay
  • I have just signed up for the LawSkills Monthly Digest and am excited to receive my first email edition!  A brilliant way to keep up to date with developments – thank you for such a great and affordable resource

    Awen Mellick Consultant Solicitor
  • Gill is incredibly knowledgeable and an engaging speaker – she has an amazing ability to bring to life some of the most complex and challenging subjects in wills, probate, trusts and tax

    Gavin Holt Head of Probate at Co-op Legal Services
  • I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful and informative day. Hands down, that is the best CPD course I have ever been on especially with all the other resources you provided

    Christina P Band Hatton Button LLP
  • Excellent course

  • This was an excellent course and helped me immensely.  The information also provided was extensive and very well appreciated which will advance my knowledge

    Emma F
  • Thank you for your course, it was very informative

    Suman L
  • Thank you for the course - I’ve already been throwing myself at income tax today with renewed vigour

    Orlando B
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course last week and found it to be both useful and informational.  As a newly qualified solicitor I think it was a perfect course in how to master tax during an administration of an estate.  I also found the delivery of the course by yourself to be excellent and the materials provided to be very detailed.

    Maninder M
  • I would like to say what a useful day it was for me.  It is the best course that I have been on.  I usually attend courses and come away with nothing, as the information is not practical enough; is too complicated for my use or I fall asleep!  Your course was very full and detailed, but the tools that I came away with have enabled me to solve problems in files that had been sitting in my ‘to do’ basket for a while.

    Maxine M
  • I actually enjoyed the Introduction to Trusts course so much that I am applying to do my LPC and retrain. I found Gill really inspirational and motivational!

  • I found the course materials comprehensive and very easy to follow

  • Congratulations on your tour de force presentations yesterday! I was very pleased to hear you in action again and never fail to admire your ability to explain complicated issues so clearly and with such stamina.  

    Michael Orton-Jones Notary Public and Solicitor
  • My members have been going to Gill’s courses over many years now and have always found her excellent; she has a very high reputation amongst the profession.  Sessions are about the right length with excellent written material provided too; I would definitely use her again for training.    

    Trish Leach Administrator for Yorkshire Law Society
  • I have listened to Gill over a number of years now and have always found her sessions to be informative and above all practical. Gill has a realism in her approach that I often find lacking in other presenters. The benefits of booking Gill for an in-house event at Wards is that we expect to see more confidence in the advice being given to clients following the introduction of the Residential Nil Rate Band in April 2017. I believe the session also highlighted areas of risk and points that could otherwise have been easily overlooked when advising clients in this regard.  The Lawskills’ monthly email Newsletter is also interesting as it highlights areas of practice that need special attention.

    Jenny Pierce Head of Wills, Probate & Mental Capacity team | Wards Solicitors
  • “Thank you on behalf of STEP Birmingham for coming along yesterday and braving the sweltering heat to deliver a really helpful and informative talk. The feedback, as always when you attend, has been overwhelmingly positive. I know I picked up some real nuggets that I shall need to explore further, particularly about the RNRB about which we all still have so  much to learn and work out in practice!” Elisabeth Whybrow

    Other delegates' feedback from the same event:  "Gill was excellent”, “excellent talk – thank you”, “Another fantastic session from Gill. Thank you”, and “Gill superb as ever!”

    Elisabeth Whybrow TEP Programme Secretary for Birmingham STEP
  • Thank you Gill.  It was extremely helpful and as always very well presented.

    part of LawSkills' Private Client Conversion courses

    Delegate to Introduction to Trusts & Taxation of Trusts courses
  • “Thank you for such a useful technical and practical session, all the feedback has been excellent. Gill provided such a clear path through the acronym maze of international trust reporting. It has been a delight to deal with Sue on the pre-seminar arrangements – total efficiency.”

    Carolyn O'Sullivan Associate Solicitor, Bircham Dyson Bell LLP
  • “Thanks so much for coming along to Sussex yesterday and for delivering such a great presentation. We’ve had brilliant feedback from the attendees.” Philip Warford, Managing Director, Renaissance Legal – STEP Sussex Branch Chair

    Philip Warford, Managing Director Renaissance Legal
  • "Thankfully, when my colleague was explaining some taxation to me today, I actually understood what she was saying so all round it [the course] was a success!" Taxation of Trusts course delegate

    Lisa Tims Assistant Trust Manager, Harcus Sinclair LLP
  • "The presentation was extremely useful.  Gill was able to ensure the whole department was engaged and could answer any questions we asked.  I would have no hesitation in using Gill again and recommending her to others."

    Emily Taylor Partner, Eric Robinson Solicitors
  • "We find it extremely useful to have a bespoke event run and designed by Gill Steel because we get much more out of this type of training, for example, we find that our team members are much more ready to ask questions than they would at a larger seminar. We will have no hesitation in booking with LawSkills again."

    Simon Cook Head of Wills, Trusts & Probate, Willans LLP
  • “Thanks to Gill Steel for a great presentation at our recent conference. The feedback we received from the delegates was very positive, with 95% marking the presentation and quality of notes as good/excellent. I will have no hesitation in booking Gill again for events at Liverpool Law Society”

    Jo Downey Director of Education & Training, Liverpool Law Society
  • Gill was fantastic, incredibly clear and able to really still down to the details and how this will affect us in practice. Incredibly useful and will definitely book for more training.

    (relating to a facilitated in-house discussion on the RNRB)

    Jane Cox Private Client Partner, Warner Goodman LLP
  • Very organised and detailed.  It has been a pleasure.  It was great to meet Gill as well, she did a grand job on the day

    Felicity Towers Assistant Manager L&D LawNet
  • "The establishment of our in-house training programme was very easy because it required only limited input from us: identification of our objectives and a short discussion with Gill Steel. Gill came back with not only the topic agendas and aims but a proposal for delivery options to meet individual levels of expertise and simple methods for measuring those levels - before and after training. It was a great way to have the programme delivered and an effective approach to our staff’s mixed levels of experience."

    In-house training organiser for a large South Coast firm
  • The feedback from the team was very positive and I thought the training was excllent.  They all enjoyed the way in which the training was presented and found the day very informative.  I would certainly use LawSkills again.

    Nadine Jayes Director, Moore Stephens LLP
  • The course was excellent value for money when compared to the costs of other courses available, the overall course content, written materials provided, and the personal way in which the course was delivered, as opposed to large groups in a conference room.

    Hayley Lowis Wills, Probate & E&V Delegate
  • Gill was a delight to work with.  She has a thorough knowledge of her subject matter but explained it in a way which was easy to understand (even the dreaded tax element).  Gill also enjoys her subject matter which was reflected in a positive learning experience.  Highly recommend the course.  The course has given me the confidence to move forward to retrain in a new area of law.

    Tracey Watson Wills, Probate & E&V Delegate
  • It was all very useful as it gave me an insight into Mental Capacity & Care Acts.  It gave me enough information to enable me to do my job better

    Tracy Roseblade Delegate from Mogers Drewett LLP
  • Gill was a very interesting and eloquent speaker and easy to understand

    Serena Welch Delegate from Pearson Hards LLP
  • I thought the training was excellent.  The feedback from the team was very positive.  They all enjoyed the way in which the training was presented and found the day very informative. I would certainly use LawSkills again and hopefully there will be an opportunity to do so in the future.

    Nadine Jayes Moore Stephens LLP
  • I thought it was a really good session - she [Gill Steel] is a good speaker and the notes are a brilliantly concise and practical reminder of all the technical issues we should be considering when dealing with NRB trusts.  It actually covered a bit more than I expected.  Brilliant value for money!

    Delegate to a STEP Branch event from Thomas Eggar LLP
  • Digital Assets - a point we as a firm would have missed, good reminder.  Gill is always good!

    Martin Cooper BLB Solicitors
  • Informative, very interesting and useful for future practice.

    Jane Parker-Wisdom Jane Parker & Associates
  • As always, Gill provides excellent notes and useful tips in a practical and clear way.

    Penny Smith Belcher Frost Solicitors Ltd
  • Thank you very much indeed for an excellent day which was very informative, challenging and helpful.  You also managed to make it "good fun"! Delegate at Hull Probate Practitioners' Group

    John C H Gill Heptonstalls LLP, Solicitors
  • “I have just read your article on the latest changes to the intestacy rules and I would like to congratulate you on the clarity and precision with which you explain the changes.  The article has proved extremely useful.  Many thanks for publishing it online”.

    Professor of English Succession (overseas)
  • As to quality versus quantity of CPD this is a bugbear since it becomes difficult for the seasoned practitioner to find enticing courses to go to. Lawskills' ones are always terrific though!!!

    Peter Cox
  • The well structured course notes, using a chronological timeline which brings in the relevant law and procedure at the appropriate time.  The notes should be a valuable ongoing companion and reference point too.  I felt the course was excellent.

    Dennis Phillips (Wills & Probate delegate) Mayo Wynne Baxter
  • Your course has really assisted my general understanding of trust’s and tax and provided me with a solid foundation to build upon. The notes you prepared have provided an excellent source of reference and your diagrams aided my understanding of a difficult subject to get my head around.  The ability to ask questions as they came up really help me learn as well.

    Stephanie Greaves (Trust taxation delegate) Robert Barber & Co
  • I approached LawSkills looking for some one-to-one coaching on trust law following a sabbatical from UK private practice. We arranged a Skype appointment where Gill explained the technical aspects of trust law and practice in a straight-forward and approachable style. I would recommend LawSkills to any private client lawyer who is looking for one-to-one coaching or training as it helped me really get to grips with trusts providing me with more confidence to handle clients' questions.

    Rachel Roche Roche Legal
  • The lecture was well received by all who attended, there was so much to take in, but Gill, as always, presented it in a way which makes it easier to grasp.  Her notes are also most comprehensive and helpful.

    Chris Howard on behalf of STEP Suffolk & North Essex
  • Of the LawSkills webinar - Wills Made following 2nd Marriages the Wealth Team at Boyes Turner say ‘Yes clear and concise, we all thought it was very informative. We like their webinars’! ‘I thought it was excellent.  It covered my queries generally and raised things I need to probably be more aware of – potential conflict between a couple in their second marriage where both have children’.

    Wealth Protection Team Boyes Turner LLP