It seems that many Private Client practitioners find Taxation, well….taxing.  For this reason we have added another course to our repertoire “Mastering Tax during the Administration of an Estate”.

This can be delivered as a comprehensive, 5 hour, in-house event at your own premises. Alternatively, for those who prefer to work through the course materials for themselves, the course notes and resources documents minus the valuable case studies can be purchased independently.

and….there is so much new material and information to share, including

  • advice on which IHT forms to use
  • how to complete them
  • how to obtain IHT clearance
  • how to finalise income tax and
  • what advice to give about CGT disposals

This course is available to book as an in-house event (5 hours) or you can purchase the course notes and resources documents (no case studies included in this package)

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Not sure if this course is for you/your team? Have a look at what our previous delegates think:

  • I found the course materials comprehensive and very easy to follow

  • Thank you for the course - I’ve already been throwing myself at income tax today with renewed vigour

    Orlando B
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course last week and found it to be both useful and informational.  As a newly qualified solicitor I think it was a perfect course in how to master tax during an administration of an estate.  I also found the delivery of the course by yourself to be excellent and the materials provided to be very detailed.

    Maninder M
  • Thank you for your course, it was very informative

    Suman L
  • Excellent course

  • This was an excellent course and helped me immensely.  The information also provided was extensive and very well appreciated which will advance my knowledge

    Emma F
  • I would like to say what a useful day it was for me.  It is the best course that I have been on.  I usually attend courses and come away with nothing, as the information is not practical enough; is too complicated for my use or I fall asleep!  Your course was very full and detailed, but the tools that I came away with have enabled me to solve problems in files that had been sitting in my ‘to do’ basket for a while.

    Maxine M
  • I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful and informative day. Hands down, that is the best CPD course I have ever been on especially with all the other resources you provided

    Christina P Band Hatton Button LLP

What you can expect from the course


To enable participants to understand the inheritance tax, income tax & capital gains tax treatment of estates and to understand the importance of observing the deadlines and dates to avoid penalties and what it means to act as an agent for the deceased and the PRs.

Case studies and examples will be provided*


Participants should be able to master the inter-relationship between estate administration and tax


  • Which IHT form to complete
  • How to complete IHT 205
  • How to complete IHT 400
  • How to complete the SA900
  • How to finalise the income tax position
  • How to obtain clearance for IHT
  • What advice to give about CGT disposals

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