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LawSkills provides services for the legal industry and does not provide legal advice to members of the public. For help or guidance please seek the services of a qualified practitioner.

If you found our website helpful and would like more assistance with a particular personal legal matter please find an appropriate practitioner to help you.

The Legal Choices website is very useful for members of the general public so do take a look at that.

What they say about their services:

Legal Choices is run by frontline regulators. We keep watch over lawyers and the work they can do for you anywhere in England and Wales. Our aim is to keep you well protected if you ever need to use a lawyer who is regulated by us. The information you can find on Legal Choices is independent and just the facts. It is not trying to sell you anything. It’s just some things we think are good to know if you have choices to make about legal issues and lawyers.”

There are different types of lawyers, some regulated by professional bodies and some not.  Legal Choices explain the difference very well on their webpage “Types of Lawyers” so you know what to look out for.

They also have a list of legal regulators and their contact details.

A new online directory entitled “Advising Families” has been created by the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) to assist the public. Have a look at . They also provide helpful guidance within the Information Portal.

Other legal service professional bodies

You may also find it helpful to check the following websites for further guidance or to search for practitioners in your local area using their directories: