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Did you know, PLG are property experts who specialise in providing legal professionals with support for matters related to probate?
This is pretty much all we do, which means we have become pretty good at it!

Having worked alongside solicitors, probate practitioners, estate administrators, professional and lay executors as well as genealogists for over 12 years now, we have been able to put together the service you have told us you want – meaning that for the first time you have access to your own team that is able to help with every aspect of the property part of the process.

So rather than having to shop around for vacant property insurance, or sourcing an estate agent you can hopefully trust, or maybe arranging a RICS, you can now make one phone call and everything you need is accessible in one place.

How much better is that?!

So, what drives us to deliver this better, more cost-effective way of working?
Simple, we believe executors deserve better. Our vision was to create a way of supporting people when they needed it the most, by ensuring we remain true to our core values.

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Basically, We Put People First.

PLG IHT Compliant Valuation Reports

  • Covers Section 160 Inheritance Tax Act 1984
  • Covers Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992
  • More cost effective than a RICs
  • Straight forward and easy to read
  • Supporting evidence included to demonstrate our conclusions
  • Full ‘PLG Aftercare Guarantee’ – Should the District Valuer, or any other party question our findings, we will provide additional support, and negotiate on your behalf.

PLG Valuation Appraisal

• No visit to the property required
• Ideal for when time is of the essence
• Extensive research undertaken
• Reliable and accurate

PLG Property Sales

By working with us, you have complete peace of mind that there is someone in your corner, ensuring you get the best price, and are kept updated throughout the whole property sale process.

  • Exposure – By implementing a multiagent approach that is fully managed by our team, you will receive greater viewing numbers than by using the standard ‘sole agent’ approach. This results in more offers being generated which ensures the highest sale price is achieved.
  • Timescale – You can be assured that all secured buyers are aware of the timescales required to fit in with the needs of yourself, the beneficiaries, and the estate.
  • Communication – Is at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind you will be issued with a full weekly update that outlines all marketing activity, viewer feedback and our planned strategy for the week to follow.

PLG Auction

For when time is of the essence due to associated debt, or to help get a property sold that has unusual characteristics that mean a usual marketing approach may not provide the best results.

  • Buyer pays the selling fee – Keeping your costs down.
  • Exposure to hundreds of buyers who are financially qualified and ready to go.
  • Unconditional exchange of contracts on ‘hammer down’
  • Completion can be set in your chosen timescale.

PLG Vacant Property Insurance

Having teamed up with one of the world’s largest and leading insurance providers, we have been able to put together the ideal vacant property insurance.

  • Our policy means that you have complete peace of mind with minimal fuss.
  • One call to our team, and you are covered (terms and conditions apply).

PLG’s Essential Extras

Why spend your valuable time organising lock changes and vacant property inspections when you can hand this all over to us?
Our team works to ensure you receive the most competitive quote and that work are completed in your desired timescale.

PLG Finance

Working with key partners, we are able to assist you with all your financial requirements.
So, whether you need help accessing money to pay an IHT bill, or you need a private buyer found by yourselves financially qualified, one call to our team and we can make sure you get what you need, stress free and without hassle!

  • Inheritance Advance – Allowing beneficiaries early access to up to 60% of their net inheritance.
  • IHT Loan – Where there is insufficient cash available, enabling payment of Inheritance Tax, to unlock the estate.
  • Inheritance Dispute Funding – Helping to pay fees to fight or defend a claim against the estate.
  • Executor Loans – To pay wider testamentary expenses, including property maintenance and funeral costs.
  • Mortgages – Financially qualifying buyers and offering mortgage advice and packages to you, should you be looking to reinvest the proceeds of a sale into another property.
  • Life Insurance
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance

Please note, all financial services are subject to approval and offered by PLG Partners.

PLG do not lend money, or offer insurance packages ourselves.

All PLG Partners have produced all relevant insurance and trading documentation to satisfy our product offerings. Full details of each partner can be obtained upon request.

Our Ethos

We want our company to be seen as the leading service provider to the legal sector. That our team are the best in the business, that we are considered an extension of the company / solicitor referring our services.

We want to be regarded as an ‘Employer of Choice’, and a ‘Premium Brand’ offering the ultimate experience that understand how delicate matters as probate can be for the customer.

Our Culture

Our team know they are respected, listened to, and cared for. We want everyone to come into work feeling happy, motivated, and as passionate as the founders of the company to be part of the firm’s journey.

Additionally, they know there is always an open door should they need anything, and that they are supported completely both inside and outside the working environment.

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