LawSkills Customer Survey 2023

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Disclaimer: LawSkills provides training for the legal industry and does not provide legal advice to members of the public. For help or guidance please seek the services of a qualified practitioner.

To understand the needs and opinions of our customers for learning and development, LawSkills undertook a customer survey which has produced some significant results.

Thank you to all our customers who took part.

Who would have guessed that 62% of respondents would favour webinars as a way of undertaking CPD compared to 40% who like reading and 37% preferring face-to-face training?

This was backed up by the staggering statistic that 82% of respondents preferred online as a delivery method for seminars compared to only 18% for in-person training.

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The convenience and cost saving that webinars offer are clearly a benefit to many customers. As a result, LawSkills will be looking to organise additional webinars.

It was pleasing to note that only 3% undertook CPD annually, with most respondents keeping up to date monthly or more frequently. Firms are to be commended for organising CPD during the working day so that less than 20% of respondents were said to be undertaking CPD out-of-office hours.

Choosing what CPD an individual needs comes mostly from reflecting on their knowledge, skills and attributes for their job and planning to bridge any gaps. This is a very encouraging sign, but it was surprising that only 21% of respondents said the identification of training gaps came from appraisals.

64% of respondents record their CPD in a CPD plan, but surprisingly 17% don’t record their knowledge, skills and attributes arising out of CPD at all. Some professional rules will vary, but those who are regulated by the SRA should be completing a CPD plan.

As a provider of training materials, it was welcome news to hear that only 12% of respondents were price sensitive, with 41% regarding quality and 47% relevance as being the most important factor when choosing training material.

You can download the complete survey here as a PDF.

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