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Property Ladder Group (PLG) is a nationwide service provider to law firms, housebuilders and homeowners across the UK. We are experts in Probate and Court of Protection property matters, as well as Part Exchange and Assisted Move schemes.

Trusted by household brands across the country, PLG offers a comprehensive property service you can rely on to keep you compliant and your clients happy.

Established in 2020, Property Ladder Group may be the ‘new kids on the block’, but they also have the most experience in the sector.

Darren LeggettManaging Director and Co-Owner Darren Leggett has been in the property sector for over 25 years, working with solicitors, probate practitioners and professional deputies directly for the best part of 11 years.

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Within this time Darren has been able to put together the very services his clients have told him they require, which means any solution to every possible situation is now accessible.

“Initially our clients wanted a more compliant way of handling the property sale. With beneficiaries rightfully demanding the best price for the property, it became obvious that using a local estate agent was not always going to ensure this materialised.

In addition, why did the professional select that particular agent? If there is a reciprocal business agreement this in itself raises the question as to whether the selection is in the best interest of the client, or the law firm”.

The PLG Traditional Multi-Agency method of selling property ticks this compliance box whilst keeping all parties happy. As we use three agents to market the property on our behalf this means the beneficiaries of the estate can have a say in who they want to use, as can the professional introducer. Otherwise, PLG will source the highest performing agents in the area to act on our behalf. It is our responsibility to pay the agent that successfully sells the property, the other two agents do not receive a fee. This results in three agents trying to ‘win’ the fee, but also our future business, therefore resulting in higher viewing numbers which in turn results in a higher selling price for the property within a much faster timescale than the usual one agent approach. In fact, at the time of writing this article (4th March 2021), PLG is taking a third of the time to sell a property than the national average (stats taken from Rightmove between August 2020 and February 2021).

But what about the clients that insist on using the ‘online agent approach’? It is widely favoured by the customer looking to save money on commission by paying a lower, upfront fee.

Where the lower payment is attractive, what happens if the property does not sell? The upfront fee cannot be reclaimed, so in effect, it is lost. If the property is then placed on the open market with an estate agent a higher total fee would have been paid.

“PLG Online offers sellers the complete support of an experienced team of property professionals for one straight forward up-front fee. We handle everything, from the viewings to negotiating the best sale price on your behalf. We even manage the sales progression and complete weekly updates without charging the usual ‘bolt on’ costs incurred by other online estate agents.

The real benefit? In addition to the above, should our client decide to switch to our traditional marketing method we in fact roll over the ‘upfront fee’ paid, reducing the final invoice by this sum – keeping you in control of the property sale, whilst also keeping you in control of the financial aspect”.

In addition to this new and exciting way of selling property, PLG has also launched new, cutting edge technology for viewings, ensuring that everyone remains safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has proved so successful that we are going to continue offering our virtual viewings, which will see only ‘hot’ viewers actually visit the property in person after deciding it is of interest via a tour by their phone, tablet or computer. All tours are managed via our team and details of interested parties always collated.

“We wanted to cover all angles for every seller’s needs, with this in mind we have also launched the PLG Auction. This service provides access to thousands of buyers across the UK, all of which are financially qualified and ready to go. As a deposit payment is taken upon the hammer our sellers have complete peace of mind that their sale is secured. This service comes with no sellers commission payable, saving clients thousands of pounds! All that needs to be paid is £299+VAT for the auction pack”.

Managing Director and Co-Owner Helen Graham has over 15-years working within the property sector, most of which running the service provider side of the business to ensure promises are delivered.

“Having worked for other firms in the past I know exactly where the flaws were in the service being provided. At PLG we have kept everything very straight forward, it is all about keeping the client at the forefront of what we do. This ensures we never let anyone down, which is so important given the stress associated to Probate and Court of Protection. Why make life harder when there are simpler and compliant ways of doing things?”.

In addition to property sales, PLG offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective HMRC compliant Property Valuation Report on the market. This report has won acclaim by professionals in the industry that now not only recommend but also use this service themselves.

Property Ladder Group also provide:

Vacant Property Insurance, Clearance, Deep Clean, Vacant Property Inspections, Lock Change and Security, Pet Rehoming and much, much more.

For further information contact the team on 0330 124 7434, or email

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