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What do you do that using LawSkills Monthly Digest will help?

One of the key reasons for being satisfied at work is personal development. Not only is it a requirement for lawyers to be and remain competent throughout their careers but it always provides confidence if you are fully aware of the developments occurring in the areas of law in which you practice or in which you are interested.

From 1 November 2016 the SRA expect you to:

  1. Reflect on the quality of your personal practice by reference to the competence statement to identify your learning and development needs
  2. Plan to and do address your identified learning and development needs
  3. Record and evaluate your learning activity so that if the SRA conducts a regulatory review or receives a complaint about a competence risk you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to ensure your ongoing competence
  4. Make an annual declaration to confirm you have completed 1-3 above

Within A2 of the competence statement, it says you must maintain an adequate and up-to-date understanding of relevant law, policy and practice.

LawSkills Monthly Digest is a tool which summarises all the key developments over the previous few weeks in the areas of Wills, Probate, Trusts, Tax and Elderly Client and drops a full report into your email inbox to read when convenient. It includes commentary, statutory and practice developments and recent case summaries with practice tips.

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Receiving and reading LawSkills Monthly Digest will ensure you have a record of your compliance with competence statement A2 and will provide evidence should a regulatory review arise. More than this your work will benefit from the knowledge and reassurance you gain from having this powerful tool at your fingertips. It saves you scouring newsletters, digests, magazines, books, statutes, case law etc and brings it altogether in one place for ease of access.

What are the core attributes which you want to develop?

When reflecting on your competence for the purposes of preparing your development plan you will have identified some attributes you wanted to develop – knowledge, skills or attitudes.  LawSkills Monthly Digest will help you develop your knowledge. Change actually hurts the brain. The neocortex, the part of the brain responsible for executive functions and called on to undertake new, demanding and complex tasks, has limited capacity and can ‘run hot’ from dealing with continuous new activity. Lawyers’ brains are in danger of ‘overheating’ all the time as the law never stands still. Let LawSkills Monthly Digest ease the strain by saving you having to undertake the research to develop your knowledge.

Do you experience challenges today which the LawSkills Monthly Digest will help you address?

For those of you undertaking Probate work, the last two years have been difficult due to the radical changes effected by HMC&TS. LawSkills Monthly Digest has provided regular updates about the changes in practice and given practical advice about how to deal with them. It will continue to do so.

For those practitioners preparing Wills, the corona virus has caused all sorts of practical legal difficulties. The requirements of self-isolation and social distancing created much debate over how to continue to provide an effective Will service which produces a valid Will at the end of the process. LawSkills Monthly Digest has provided advice and commentary on the practicalities of compliance with s.9 Wills Act 1837. LawSkills will continue to monitor the new temporary rules relating to video witnessing of Wills and report on those in the coming weeks.

LawSkills has been providing reliable support to private client practitioners for over 25 years and saw that the fear of making a mistake was never greater than now. The volume of material to keep under review can be overwhelming – let LawSkills Monthly Digest take the strain. Sign up for your subscription without delay and become part of the growing number of subscribers who find the service invaluable.

First published in the Summer issue of SOLO Journal dedicated to Sole Practitioners


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