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questions offshore taxUPDATED: 25 Sept 2020

At last FAQs from HM Courts & Tribunal Service

Changes which are not of our making are challenging because we do not have control of the timing of implementation and have our own workloads to consider. A change which is core to our services, such as the moves at HMC&TS to streamline and digitalise the probate service, has been fraught with difficulties and imposed on the profession, some of it during the pandemic. Railing against the change and expecting government to listen to complaints that the changes have increased the workload of practitioners is in the end pointless. The government’s aim is to make the service cheaper to run and more efficient eventually.

Your time would be better spent on devising a clear, basic policy approach to the changes to reduce the stress for your team of compliance. Guidance in the form of Questions and Answers prepared by the probate registrars and with the help of professional bodies is now available. Why not study it and decide how to create work aids for your team to help them with their caseload under the new regime. Embracing someone else’s change is hard but it is even more wearisome to fight against it when the battle has already been won.

>>Access the HMC&TS FAQs here – UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2020<<


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