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Gill Steel in Office1st September marked the beginning of meteorological autumn. Most school children go back to school in September and many people will have enjoyed holidays and be back at work. September, therefore, always feels to me like a new beginning.


It is an appropriate time to announce that after 20 years on the road it is time to call a halt to the many miles I travel in the course of a year to see you all. I am sure the climate will appreciate my decision to stop travelling from the end of March 2020.

I enjoy seeing you all and helping you learn and develop appropriate knowledge and skills or simply brush up the knowledge and skills you already have but the travelling is no longer good for my health nor indeed the planet’s.


I am not hanging up my boots yet though – I am simply turning the page on what has been a wonderful career so far. I will concentrate on webinars, publications and consultancy going forward so if there is a topic you would like covered do let me know, be that a short explanation or an in depth review.

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Technology brings training nearer to you. In addition to webinars I might even try podcasts and the odd video again – whichever will help the learning best.

Change is good

I hope this September you decide to do something different too – be it in your home life or at work. There is so much uncertainty around it may feel too challenging to change anything right now but don’t let politicians hold you back from looking at what you do differently and making a change.

It can be cathartic to decide to review the way you do business or simply the state of your desk and filing system and resolve to action a change for the better. We all know the positive endorphins we enjoy from exercise. I think more than anything it is the making of the decision to start or improve something in our lives which gives us the boost.

September is a better time of year to make resolutions I think because you are more likely to have the resolve to implement them after the warm glow of the summer when you dreamt of a new you or had the vision quite clearly when on holiday on what you needed to do next. Hold those thoughts and make your ideas happen. I have.

Thank you for all the times you have come to my lectures and all the best for the future.

Farewell conference

To mark the end of my travelling era it seemed right to invite you to a lecture here in Winchester on Friday 20 March 2020. If you are interested in knowing more about it please email my EA, Sue Sheppard: and reserve your place.

Yours aye,


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