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office heatWho would have thought back in March when snow disrupted our lives that come May a heatwave would build such as to challenge the record of 1976 (yes I am that old I remember it well) Here we are though – hot and frazzled trying to keep our cool whilst trains are disrupted, offices overheat and it is hard to sleep at night.

What do you do to keep cool?

Of course we should wear lightweight clothing, drink lots of water and move away from electrical equipment pushing out the heat but the reality is we work in a profession where the clients, as much as colleagues, expect us to be dressed formally and we are surrounded by computers and other technology without which our work output would grind to a halt.

Some of you may be lucky enough to work in air conditioned offices but for those who don’t. Public Health England have put out some guidance for keeping cool at home which can be found here.

Last year Small Business produced these tips for keeping cool at work.  Much the same points are made such as wear light clothes and drink lots of water but avoid caffeine to keep hydrated. It would seem our best friend is to have a cold spritz spray and give ourselves a regular refresh or go to the toilet and put your wrists under the cold water tap.

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What about our poor brains?

According to Harvard University of all the organs in our body, the brain is probably the most vulnerable to heat which is why it has developed clever ways to keep cool which largely mean keeping our blood cool.

It would seem that we must keep hydrated because the body needs to sweat to cool us down but keeping fresh whilst sweating a lot is not so easy. Here are a few tips.

Wearing natural fibres helps to reduce sweating. It is tempting to wear sandals but apparently wearing socks and shoes help to protect the feet – you could always have a cold foot massage – that sounds just up my street.

We battle on here at LawSkills with blinds down, fans whirring and ice cream! We hope you are keeping your cool where you are.

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