How to keep your team motivated: keeping up with training & competence requirements

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Working in an office environment can be a wonderful way of working, particularly if the team you have is a productive, motivated and competent one. Particularly in the legal and insurance sectors, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest updates and developments across the industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps to ensure that qualified CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) members keep their training at a high level. It came into effect through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on 23rd February 2018. For solicitors, however, the CPD requirement was replaced in 2016 by a continuing competence statement. This is less structured than for insurers, with more general guidelines designed to fit with the requirements of solicitors practising across what can be very different areas of legal expertise.

Struggling for ideas on how to keep your team motivated and engaged with your industry? The following tips work well for any office-based team, and can be a great way to help your legal or financial team stay on track:

Regular team meetings and planning sessions

Particularly if your firm or company is a small one, or works in a niche market, it can be good to hold regular meet-ups. Whilst letting everyone get on with things at their own pace (and not micro-managing!) can be a great way of keeping your team happy and productive, catching up and planning for future months can be a good way of keeping hold of the bigger picture.

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For those who do not want to take too much time out of a busy working week, webinars can be shown as part of your regular weekly meeting or added as an extra training session. Some of the benefits of staying in-house for your training include:

  • Cost effective – with no travel expenses to worry about, webinars are favoured by firms who may have restricted training budgets
  • More choice of topics – with so many training companies providing webinars, there is an endless choice of topics to ensure you are learning something directly applicable to the industry you and your team work in
  • Getting together with other colleagues – sharing a webinar with your colleagues is a good chance to catch up and spend some stress-free time together. This is also a way of improving working relationships, as well as productivity

Attending events and seminars

The benefits of being out of the office for a day or two and having a change to your team’s routine can be consequential in the long run. Find a conference, tour or informative event relevant to your area of business, and reap the benefits:

  • Learning something new – you never know what key information might come from attending an event relevant to your practice. There is also the chance to find new contacts, companies and products which can benefit your role
  • Keep up with the latest industry news – modern working methods can mean you stay ahead of the curve, placing you in front of those who are less willing to continue to improve
  • Networking with industry peers – meeting new people is a huge part of a successful business, and events could lead to new contacts, ideas and potentially new business

Taking a day out of the week to attend an event not only provides your employees with training and the opportunity to learn new skills, but also makes them more likely to want to stay on at a place of work where they are able to learn new things and feel valued. Plus, attending an event or seminar can be a good team-building activity, as it’s something the whole team can take part in.

There are many workshops that can be found online, such as Gill Steel’s programme via LawSkills in association with LiPS Legal, and many others that are accessible to solicitors or insurers for training and information.

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