Are adult children always going to gain some financial award now under IPFD 1975?

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Nahajec v Fowle [2017] EW Misc 11 (CC)

The facts

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An IPFD claim was brought by Elena Nahajec against her deceased father’s estate who died on 19 July 2015 having made a Will on 7 July 2015. Stanley Nahajec left his whole estate to his friend Stephen Fowle. The net value of Stanley’s estate was £265,710.

Elena was the only child of Stanley’s second marriage. She had two half siblings from the deceased’s first marriage: Mark and Philip. Mark, unable to work through ill-health and disability, and he brought an IPFD claim which was settled for £22,000. Philip did not bring a claim but fully supported Elena in her case.

There was a note left by Stanley explaining why his Will did not provide for any of his children – he had not seen any of them for over 18 years & they were of independent means he said.


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