How can you publish Section 27 Trustee Act notices more efficiently?

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s.27 trustee act notices advertisingPlacing section 27 Trustee Act notices is an effective way of protecting yourself against unknown claims.

Advertising agencies such as mine have existed since the early 1800s, but with only a handful specialising in public and legal notices. The advantages of using a firm like Courts Advertising are:

  • a single point of contact – one instruction, one acknowledgement and one invoice, along with copies of the published notices for the estate records, sent shortly after publication
  • expert knowledge, advice and service – we can make suggestions on the most appropriate and cost-effective newspapers to use, especially outside of your own local area, and offer advice on advertising for missing beneficiaries, will trusts and other matters
  • advert design and proof-reading –typesetting to a consistent style ensures that the text size, ad layout and the the cost of advertising is kept to a minimum, and that mistakes are avoided

Saving money with our expertise

At Courts Advertising we frequently hear comments from new clients about how much easier it is to leave everything to us, compared to sending one letter to the Gazette, one to the local newspaper, and then paying separate bills. One large firm that started using us in 2016 told us that we’re saving them up to £80 on the cost of notices for each individual estate compared to the previous advertising agency they used.

Changes in the media industry mean there are now around 25-30% fewer local newspapers than ten years ago. Generally this has occurred by multiple competing newspapers in an area being whittled down – this has made it uneconomic to continue publishing up to four separate titles in most areas, meaning that closures and mergers have left just two or three newspapers covering a single area. As we keep tabs on all newspapers and their rates, we can often suggest more economic options for publication of these notices to comply with your statutory obligations.

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Quick service benefitting the estate

Our systems are geared up to turn work around quickly and ensure that the notices are published at the earliest opportunity, which in turn allows you to distribute the estate as quickly as possible to the beneficiaries of the estate.

When we receive instructions we send an acknowledgement confirming the publications, price and planned publication dates. This gives you early knowledge of the date by which all valid claims will need to arrive (no later than two months after publication) so that you can plan forward and be ready to distribute the estate, subject to any other necessary formalities having been completed.

Expert advice on all types of statutory advertising

We take our responsibilities seriously and ensure we keep fully up-to-date with changes in legislation, guidance and anything else that affects statutory advertising. We provide forms and an online submission system for submitting Trustee Act notices, and also handle advertising under the Licensing Act, Planning Acts, Companies Act and Insolvency Act. If you need any advice on any aspect of newspaper or Gazette advertising in the UK or abroad please do get in touch with us.

Personal and professional service

As a family-run company we rely on our quality service and detailed specialist knowledge to compete against the larger agencies. Much of our work comes from repeat business and recommendations within a firm, and with a friendly, personal and professional outlook we really can provide a perfectly-tailored statutory advertising service to law firms, regardless of size, from sole practitioners to large regional and national firms.

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