Is your firm’s website ever going to be found?

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It is all very well creating all these names for your teams but if a member of the public wants to make a “Will”  or is looking for help because Mum has “lost mental capacity” will your website be picked up by that client?

I mean it. Most law firms use “lawyer speak” such as “private client”, “private wealth” or how about the “wealth and succession team”. It is all very well creating all these names for your teams but if a member of the public wants to make a “Will”  or is looking for help because Mum has “lost mental capacity” will your website be picked up by that client?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation involves some thinking outside the box. It is no good as a practitioner with 20 years experience using all the words you think of as relevant on your site. You are too close to your own subject and too specialised.  So if you have a large firm then ask some of the secretaries in other departments what they would search for and see if you are capturing the clients you want.

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All this renaming has been confusing for clients. If you search “private client” these days you could be referring to family services or investment advice, as well as the Wills and probate team of a firm.

You need to make your site accessible to all. The plumber and heating engineer may be wealthy men in need of your best advice but if they have never heard of “private client” and have no idea what it is they will go elsewhere and assume your site does not provide what they need.

Not only do you need to consider external search engines like Google, you also need to consider the search within your own site. I have tried a number of sites and they are completely useless for a non technical customer. Your potential client might be a postman, an IT professional or an entrepreneur.  Each of them  will search very directly for what they want and it is very unlikely to be the search term you consider.

Many would not think of using the word ‘probate’. They just know that Mum or Dad has died and they have to do some paperwork and they are not sure what to call it. Go on, I dare you.  Challenge the staff who are not in your team to give you all the things they would search for.  You may be in for a shock.

Practical Exercise

Send staff from a different team off on the internet and let them see if your firm is near the top of the ranking and if not, why not.

  • What did they search for and what do you actually have in the search engine optimisation tools?
  • Have you filled in all the possible links you could have? The Law Society is a good one and how about the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Have you joined Solicitors for the Elderly?
  • Make sure your site has a good crossed link section…if I search for a Will and you have a private client team will it bring up all the people who can help with this?
  • Make sure you have some articles and a newsletter that might get you a hit. “What to do when Mum starts to forget” and other similar titles may bring you the client because you are talking the public’s language and not legal jargon.

Here is the challenge for you: search for “I want to make a Will in [town]” and see if you show up in Google search results? Are you missing a trick? Are you in need of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

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