Apps for Lawyers

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Apps for Lawyers

Those of you with a smart phone will be familiar with the concept of downloading an “app”. However have you considered how an app could enhance your practice?

App Choices

There are many opportunities to use apps in a positive way for your business:-

1.  It is possible to advertise in free apps. The Advertisement generally appears on the top or the bottom of the screen and is in rotation with other Adverts.

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2.  You can offer special deals in an arrangement with an advertising agency that gives a loyalty card to, say shoppers, at a particular shopping centre or store. Many towns are keen to promote their high street and so offer a loyalty card. That card can have an application associated with it. If you look at things such as your Nectar Card you can these days download an app to your phone which means you just have the barcode (on the phone)scanned at the till rather than having to carry a wallet full of loyalty cards. Does your town have a loyalty card? For examples take a look at

The idea usually is that the user pays a nominal fee to have the card for a year and then all the retailers who join the scheme have their details and offers e-mailed out to the cardholders. The adaption of this from a physical card to a loyalty card app on the phone can give the person the option to call by simply clicking on the link on the phone screen or click through to your website. The advantage is that it is instant and you get the phone call there and then by making it easy for your potential client to contact you.

3. The final one is to have your own app created for you. It is noticeable that a number of businesses are now recognising that mobile devices are increasingly being used for e-mails, website access and working on the move. There is a huge market out there and it is important that you are using the latest methods of advertising. While the newspaper used to be the traditional method, many newspapers such as the Mail, Metro, USA Today now have apps and these include advertising in the same way as a newspaper for some while others have a screen format for stories with advertising at the top of the screen.

So what should your app do?

  1. It could advertise your services
  2. It could allow clients to log in and see progress on work you are dealing with for them
  3. It could upload your newsletter for areas your client has previously expressed an interest in
  4. It could give quotes for work…think of the online calculators that appear on a number of conveyancing sites at the moment.

Which phone do your clients/potential clients use?

If you decide that you need your own app then you need to think which format you should develop that for. The most popular smart phone at the moment is Android (the Google operating system) and apps for this are downloaded generally from the Android marketplace which all the phones come with connection to as standard.

The second most popular is the iPhone which is powered by Apple’s operating system and their phones are set up to connect to the original app store for downloads and purchases.

Then there is Windows Phone 7 that was launched in 2010 and will be taking over as the operating system for all the Nokia phones.

Finally there is the Blackberry this operates using the Blackberry 7 system. Whilst this phone is used by many law firms and teenagers it is not necessarily the most popular with your clients.

Apps can be adapted more easily between Android, iPhone and Phone 7 operating systems than to Blackberry as this is a very different programming language and it tends to be more expensive to develop for.

Don’t forget to make sure that your app can also be downloaded on to iPads, Android tablets and slates so that you are covering all the options.

Consider too your existing website. Can it be read on a mobile phone, an iPad and an Android phone? If your site is not set up to be read on a mobile device you will be frustrating potential customers and losing valuable business.

So are you ready for the modern methods of marketing your firm?

Need some help then please contact us to discuss your app requirements

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