Smartphone Apps for your phone

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Smartphone Apps for your phone

It is all the rage now to head off to the app store and download the latest applications to your phone so we are taking a look at those that are relevant for improving your productivity on the move.


Task Managers

Todo-This little list manager enables you to synch your list with outlook or ical and to include sub lists. You can have repeating tasks and where relevant include contact details. The ability to add a quick note is always handy in a hectic day. Customisable lists really make it specific to you.

Zenbe Lists-This relies on creating an account online and then the list can either be created online or on the iphone. This is not as customisable and does not run on a dateline. It does, however, have the advantage that you can share this list with your co-workers, which is handy when you are all working on the same project.

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File Sharing

Airsharing- This enables your phone to be connected as a separate disk drive to make it easy to transfer files between the phone and the pc or Mac. This works over a wireless connection and can have password security enabled. In addition there is the option to share a file with a guest so useful if you and your colleagues are writing an article together. It is a simple drag and drop motion to move the files and the lock on your phone can be disabled so that the operation does not stop every time the phone locks up!

File Magnet- This in simple terms turns your iphone into a sort of USB drive so files can easily be transferred. Password protection is available.

Office Apps

Quick Office- This is a portable version of Microsoft Office and enables you to view, e-mail and edit attachments in Word and Excel. It has a limited range of features from the office apps but this includes word count and underlining.

Document Free-This enables you to edit on and offline documents from the following: – Microsoft Excel and Word, Apple Numbers, TextEdit, Notepad and Open Office amongst others. It is limited in that it synchs with Google documents.


Task Managers

Astrid- This task manager enables you to list your tasks for importance and/or time priority. This app issues reminders to keep you on track and synchs with Google tasks.

TooDo-This app is very customisable enabling you to have lists that for example might be specific to a day or a project as well as an overview of the whole list. The ability to create shortcuts to yours lists is very handy.

File Sharing

Hoccer- when you can gesture, like throwing a Frisbee that has to add some fun to the sharing of files. Place two devices next to one another and literally drag from one screen to the next. This is joined up thinking. Obviously both devices need to have the software installed.

Office Apps

Documents to Go- This is a fully featured office suite and will enable you to open, edit and mail Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. It includes a handy pdf viewer.

Camcard- Finally a way to save yourself from those millions of business cards that you pick up when meeting people. This handy app enables you to photograph them with your phones camera and it interprets them into entries in your phone book handily being able to recognise phone numbers and e-mail addresses. No need to worry what you did with that important business card anymore.



Pocket Day-This app gets your tasks and e-mails and appointments all on the same page so that you can decide how best to structure your day. You can save e-mails as appointments or actionable tasks.

ToDo Matrix- This one is neatly in line with the business connotations of this phone that it can manage even delegated tasks too. Create tasks from your phone, e-mail or calendar on the Blackberry. Synchronise with outlook and other software. Tasks are prioritised so you are not overloaded. Web browser access too.

File Sharing

RDM+ – This remote access program lets you connect to your desktop and navigate your way round using the trackball and keyboard. You can open programs and move files between devices. A lifesaver when you forget that critical file. It can however be slow depending on your connection.

Office Apps

Eoffice- This document editor enables you to synchronise with Google docs and spreadsheets but there seem to be some issues with this app timing out. You can open, create, edit and save as you would expect. There is, however, little other choice.

Phone 7

At the moment I have not covered Microsoft’s Phone 7 as the store only came online in November so it is still growing in terms of the apps offered. Many are still awaiting approval so the choice there is likely to expand over the next 6 months.

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