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Technology to Learn

The days of paper are numbered; no longer will we need to carry huge law books round to get the key information that we need.

Authors are not out of business but the formats are changing. Many books and magazines are now available for download.

This is great for many reasons:-

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  1. You can have multiple books on one small device
  2. You can have fast search facilities to jump to the bit you actually want to read
  3. The books will, hopefully, become cheaper as the need to store and ship will be unnecessary
  4. You can have the book instantly

So the fight for the monthly magazines can now stop!

We all have colleagues who have a pile of magazines they could use for a climbing Everest on their desk that they are “getting round to reading”.

If you can persuade your firm to subscribe online you will be able to read them on your computer or if you have an e-reader they can usually be converted to a format that you can read on your e-reader or phone – always handy for the commute.

E readers come in many shapes and sizes whether you want to download the software to your Android Mobile or iPhone or you can have a dedicated e-reader.

Look out for software called Amazon or Kobo where you can usually download books straight to your device.

Dedicated e-readers are available from Samsung, Sony, Kindle, View Quests Book box, Bebook amongst others. Some are colour but others are just black and white e-ink.

The eBooks can be found on sites like

The important thing to check is whether the formats that the device can read are compatible with your proposed book or magazine.

Useful software for the conversion is called Calibre which is free software that you can download from

This works with many book readers to convert to the appropriate format

If for example you have an iPad, then you can download “Stanza” to your iPad from the app store and use the Calibre software to transfer any magazines or news you have downloaded or converted.

If you look on the Calibre application there are two ways to do this:-

For both you need to:

  • Click on the” Fetch news” icon at the top of the page
  • Select news that you would like to scheduled for download, then on the right hand side click to “schedule for download” and select how often you would like this downloaded.
  • Then you can either click download now to get the document or you can just once a day click ‘download scheduled’ and the application will go and collect the news feeds you have selected for download.

Then to transfer this to your e-reader you may have to connect this to the computer and transfer to the correct format

If however you have the iPad simply go to ‘connect and share’ and select ‘start content server’. Then in Stanza on the iPad go to shared and click to download the publications you want to read on your device. The wireless connection enables the two devices to see one another.

The range of books magazine and news available for download is increasing all the time.

Soon hopefully we will also be able to get our course material too in electronic format so we are not always thinking where we last saw the notes!

So what are you waiting for, it is time to keep up to date the hi- tech way.

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