Training Trends

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Training Trends

It’s that crucial time of year when we are all looking at the calendar to see if we have collected all the required CPD points for the year.

This article looks at all the way that you can use technology to help you.

You can use this to go onto the internet and set up links to get the RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) or subscribe to the e-mail newsletters from sites so that you are up to date with the latest news in your particular field.   How about signing up to the Lawskills feed?

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For example on the STEP site you go to the home page and can simply sign in to receive the newsletter and in one e-mail you have all the latest private client news sent to your inbox.

What about the Trust Discussion Forum? There are lots of very valid questions asked here. This is a very valuable resource when you have one of those odd questions. Sign up and you get copies of all the questions and answers. This can fill your e-mail box a little so what about a little structure.

In Microsoft Exchange you:

  • Right click where your inbox is on the left hand side and select “New folder”
  • A small window pops up asking you to name the folder and to say where you want it. So click on “inbox” and give your new folder a name.
  • Click “ok” and you will see the new folder appear under the inbox.
  • Now you need to go to rules so that you can say what e-mails you want in your new box
  • Click on “Tools” and select “Rules and alerts”.
  • Again a window will appear so select the reason for your rule “Move messages from someone to a folder”
  • Click “Next” then you will be asked to select how the rule should apply. If we use the trust discussion forum as an example how about selecting “With specific words in the message header”
  • Now click on the bits underlined in blue on your selection in the bottom box and new windows will appear for each.
  1. First is from People or Distribution List. Click here and enter the e-mail address that you want to select in our example “”
  2. Second is Specific Words – fill in the key words you want to look for such as “trust discussion forum” Click add and ok
  3. Finally click on Folder and choose the folder you previously created.
  • Click finish and you will now have a rule that will automatically move the emails from the trust discussion forum to your new folder as they come in.

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