Going Mobile

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Going Mobile

So you have your office IT all set up but what about when you are out and about?


There are a number of solutions you can use when you need to be in touch but out of the office.

  1. Do you want your office calls automatically diverted to your mobile phone?
  2. Do you want them screened by your secretary and then if approved forwarded to you?
  3. What about a Skype forward if you are overseas and using a local SIM card?

What about your e-mails?

These can be synchronised with your office computer so that you can be reading them on the tube or as you come in and out of court appearances to keep up to date with client needs and to reply as appropriate. You do however need a phone that runs a suitable operating system.

Phone Choices

Your options include:

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  1. A Smartphone – this runs a version of Microsoft Windows, Symbian or Android and uses a mobile outlook to synchronise your mail. Some even come with mobile Word and Excel that can enable you to look at documents on the move. However in selecting your phone do consider the screen size and what you actually want to be able to do with it. If you use it a lot for e-mail an onscreen keyboard or fully qwerty keyboard may save you getting thumb ache.
  2. A Blackberry phone – these enable your mail to be linked to your phone and can again let you view documents in a simple way while on the move. They do now come in more options so you can consider screen size which may be important to you depending on the area you practice in.


The choice will depend on the size of your hands as a small touchscreen phone may work brilliantly for a woman with small hands but for a man could be a nightmare. Don’t forget that many of these phones have non standard onscreen keyboards to cope with this problem and you may need to choose the option best for you.


Request a demonstration in the shop ask to see a word document, a spreadsheet and if your client might send you a picture also ask to see the viewer for these and check which formats can be read. It is often necessary to zoom if you have chosen a small screen phone so do test out what the phone can do.


If you are receiving e-mails and attachments then these will be data in your phone contract and data outside of the agreement can be expensive. You can adjust settings on the mobile e-mail so that it does not automatically download attachments and that it only gets the first part of a message and will only download the full message at your request. This can save money and mean you only deal with the essential e-mails while you are out.


Consider what will happen if you lose your phone, could someone access your client confidential e-mails? How do you protect against this? Some providers can stop the phone as soon as it is lost or stolen but what about the data that is already on the phone? There are a number of solutions to basically delete all the data on your phone to protect your clients so you do need to consider this as an essential part of your compliance with the Data Protection Act.

And finally

Remember that the phone has an off button and your clients and your family will not be impressed if they cannot get your attention away from your new gadget. So please remember that your clients really will keep ’til the morning.

So if you need some help going mobile, contact us.

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