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Gill is a compelling seminar and conference speaker both in house and at public events with a strong gift for making Wills, Probate, Trusts and Tax practical, engaging, authoritative and informative. For Private Client Practitioners & Team Leaders Gill offers off-the-shelf & bespoke training for individuals, organisations and local and national professional bodies.

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Gift with reservation of benefit – Buzzoni v HMRC [2013] EWCA 1684

This case dealt with a gift from mother to sons of her leasehold flat. It considered whether or not the existence of a ‘good repair’ clause in her favour (as the owner of the head lease) in the under lease she granted to the trustees of a trust created for the benefit of the two sons, could constitute a gift with reservation of benefit (GROB).

Gill Steel

What would the SRA like to happen to your training and CPD?

In February 2014 the SRA issued a consultation paper on the future of training. This sought the responses of you and me to their suggested alternative approaches although they stipulated quite clearly the SRA’s preferred option.

Gill Steel

Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) – it does affect potentially ALL UK trusts

FATCA was originally enacted in 2010 and was scheduled to take effect in January this year. This date was later postponed until January 2014 and now it had been pushed back yet further to 1 July 2014.

Gill Steel

Heads? Or Tails? – my January 2014 update

Life can turn on a flip of a coin. Heads up; tails down. Well, my coin fell tails down on 13 January 2014. As part of a treatment for a newly diagnosed condition I had a massive adverse reaction to the drugs prescribed and my life flipped out of control.

Do fees matter? Consultation requiring your response

The Ministry of Justice is consulting on increasing Court Fees including the cost of applying for probate – see

What's the point of new years resolutions

What’s the point of New Year resolutions?

The start of a new year is usually a time of reflection and anticipation. Somehow this year I have not been as conscious of the media encouraging us to make and keep New Year resolutions. Perhaps we have all been too busy keeping our homes and offices dry amongst the gales, rain and flooding, which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be the result of global warming.

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Book Review – ‘Pension Choices – A Tax Guide 2013/2014’

The aim of this book is to assist personal financial planning by summarising the tax treatment of pensions up to the Finance Bill 2013, the law being stated as at 1 July 2013. Writing any textbook on pensions must be a challenge since the law has been altered in every Finance Act since the simplification changes in 2004!

LawSkills Law | Tax | Wills | Probate | Trusts Book review

Book Review: ‘The New Statutory Residence Test for Individuals: A Practical Guide’

This book aims to provide practical guidance to tax practitioners of all levels on the new Statutory Residence Test (SRT) as it appears in ss. 218 & 219 and Schedules 45 and 46 Finance Act 2013 together with HMRC’s Guidance notes which first appeared in December 2012 and were then updated in May 2013.

Gill Steel

Do we need a General Anti Abuse rule for care costs as well as tax?

Over several years of helping law firms with technical matters I have seen different asset protection schemes mostly sold to people worried about the costs of care. Some might work but the costs and inappropriateness in many cases outweigh any possible advantage in my opinion.

Gill Steel

Join Philip Evans in asking the Law Commission to review the law relating to Wills & testamentary capacity

It is vital that practitioners support Philip Evans, of Graham & Rosen Solicitors in Hull, in asking the Law Commission to include in its 12th programme of law reform the law relating to Wills and testamentary capacity. The Consultation ends on 31 October 2013.