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Gill is a compelling seminar and conference speaker both in house and at public events with a strong gift for making Wills, Probate, Trusts and Tax practical, engaging, authoritative and informative. For Private Client Practitioners & Team Leaders Gill offers off-the-shelf & bespoke training for individuals, organisations and local and national professional bodies.

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Case Summary from LawSkills | Private Client specialist trainers

Gathering facts and evidence in IPFD cohabitant claims

Beryl Swetenham brought a claim against Alexander Bryce’s estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependents) Act 1975 (IPFD 1975) on the basis that she and Alex lived together as husband and wife in the same household for at least the last two years of his life.

Gill Steel

Are your clients being forced to pay IHT whilst alive? What’s it all about?

Both the Daily Telegraph & Daily Mail have run articles in August 2014 saying that savers could be forced to pay IHT while they are still alive under this new drive against tax avoidance. This might be true if there was a chargeable lifetime event which was seen to be avoided by a marketed and disclosable scheme

Case Summary from LawSkills | Private Client specialist trainers

The dangers of drafting trust documents without direct input from the settlor

Mr Peter and Mrs Gill Andrews jointly settled a property on trust with the intention of benefiting their grandchildren and at the same time saving Inheritance Tax (IHT). Sadly, the financial adviser who organised it created a trust benefiting only one grandchild with no flexibility to override these provisions or benefit other grandchildren during the named grandchild’s lifetime.

Case Summary from LawSkills | Private Client specialist trainers

Wills fraud & validity – what to look out for

This case revolves around the validity of a Will prepared by her sister for Valerie Watts who was in hospital dying of cancer.
Valerie Watts had two adopted children who were not themselves siblings: Christine and Gary. She made a Will in 1999 through Will Drafters Limited of Croydon leaving her whole estate between Christine and Gary equally.

Gill Steel

The SRA decides to abolish CPD from November 2016 – what now?

The SRA regulates entities and recognised sole practitioners. Leaving aside the latter for the moment, as a regulator of an entity the professionalism of a group within the entity i.e. solicitors, is not what is solely at stake here. If the entity is to provide a competent service for clients then ALL personnel need to be competent.

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A Clinician’s brief guide to the MCA (Brindle, Branton, Stansfield & Zigmond) – Book Review

This is an easy-read guide to understanding those parts of MCA 2005 which clinicians need in their daily practice.

Gill Steel

Avoid unnecessary penalties – read HMRC’s Trusts & Estates April 2014 Newsletter

The April 2014 Trusts & Estates Newsletter is now available off the HMRC website. It is as usual a helpful update of some of the developments in policy and practice from HMRC

Gift with reservation of benefit – Buzzoni v HMRC [2013] EWCA 1684

This case dealt with a gift from mother to sons of her leasehold flat. It considered whether or not the existence of a ‘good repair’ clause in her favour (as the owner of the head lease) in the under lease she granted to the trustees of a trust created for the benefit of the two sons, could constitute a gift with reservation of benefit (GROB).

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What would the SRA like to happen to your training and CPD?

In February 2014 the SRA issued a consultation paper on the future of training. This sought the responses of you and me to their suggested alternative approaches although they stipulated quite clearly the SRA’s preferred option.

Gill Steel

Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) – it does affect potentially ALL UK trusts

FATCA was originally enacted in 2010 and was scheduled to take effect in January this year. This date was later postponed until January 2014 and now it had been pushed back yet further to 1 July 2014.